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Proofreading is helpful especially for English second language speakers. Proofreading Chinese Japanese Academic

Proofreading is essential for any text or document intended to be shared with members of the public. These would include, among others:

·        Academic papers

·        Applications for advertised posts – for example, a letter of application for a post as an English teacher that was addressed to “The Principle” would not even merit a reading.

·        Articles for magazines

·        Advertising brochures

·        Flyers

·        Menus

All of these involve time, and often money, being spent on them, so it is important to get them right.

An example that I recently encountered, and was able to ‘fix’ before it became public:

“We want to give you an exciting peak into the wonderful prizes donated by our generous sponsors. They have opened there heart’s to support us.”

If English is one’s second language, proofreading becomes even more crucial.  Many first-language English speakers battle with the intricacies of grammar and spelling, so it must be considerably more difficult for a Chinese- or Japanese-speaking person. 

A proof reader will review, edit and restructure your text, if this is required. Errors will be eliminated, readability will be improved, and accuracy and clarity will be the hallmarks of your texts.  This is definitely worth aiming for – please contact us.

Ann McLoughlin (Proof reader)

Ryan Proctor (Business Manager)

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