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Terms and conditions

Proof reading rates as follows $8USD per 1000 words but may vary depending on type of document being proofread. 


  1. Work is completed online. All correspondence is via email, phone or Zoom or similar technology.

  2. We will arrange a suitable online meeting time with you to discuss your scope of works or this can be arranged via email.

  3. From the information provided in the meeting and any email correspondence we will complete your proofreading assignment.

  4. You will provide us with the material that is to be proofread.

  5. We will email you with proofreading completed.

  6. We may ask that payment is made upfront for proofreading assignments, ask for a deposit or require payment at the end of the works.

  7. Our team consists of

    1. BA(Hons) MPhil (Mathematics) (Proofreader, Editor retired English & Mathematics teacher and deputy principal of a secondary school.

    2. Ryan Proctor (Support).

  8. Our mission is to ensure that all work is proofread to the highest standard and this service is accessible and affordable, meets your requirements and ensures your satisfaction. If there are any errors with your work, we will fix this or refund you your money.

  9. Any invoices become payable in accordance with these terms and conditions. Payment is due within 7 days. Late payments may incur penalties.

  10. Eagle Eyed-Annie reserves the right to charge a minimum of 6% interest on any late payments and any associated debt collection costs.

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